Webinars & Meetings

Meetings and Webinars

.Date:  June 21, 2018

Type:  Webinar

Title: CA Unintentional Injuries Prevention Statewide Project

Presenters: Catherine Barankin and Steve Barrow

Topic: Project Overview 

Vision and Goals • • Why Unintentional Injury focused on children and youth • How the project is organized • Who are the project stakeholders • Eight leading Unintentional Injury Issue areas of focus • Project objectives: • Traffic, Non-Traffic, Drowning, Suffocation, Poisoning, Falls, Burns and Sports • Outcome measurable metrics and data sources • Accomplishments • Next Steps • Contact information. 


Date: Oct 24, 2018

Type:  Webinar

Title: Data Sources

Presenters: Dr. Stephen Wirtz, Araceli Gomez, Stephanie Biegler

Topic: Sources for Data 

 Injury data sources: This October 24th webinar at 1:00 pm is focused on where local injury prevention coalitions and safety groups can find and utilize unintentional injury data (e.g. death, hospitalization and emergency room) using state, national and local sources.

Kids' Plates Unintentional Injury Prevention Local Coalition Development 2018 Webinar Series Recordings Link below:

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